Q: My daddy is getting married soon and says I can’t go on the honeymoon, Geez! I’d rather go with my Daddy and new Mommy but they say you are great! Will I have fun?

A: Congratulations to your Daddy and new Mommy! We know they love you very much but you will have just as much or more fun with us! Here’s why. We have lots of space for you to play outside, and you’ll take nature walks with the new buddies you’ll make.  You’ll even get to listen to music and feel the breeze of paddle ceiling fans as you nap!


Q: Hi, my name is Stewie and even though I live inside, my mom lets me run and play with my cat friends outside. My person is going away for vacation and says I cannot take care of myself; do you have a place for me?

A: Lakeview Kennels separate Cattery offers the best in Cat accommodations for even the most active kitty. You’ll find lots of toys and scratching posts and you’ll be able to get away from it all in one of our cat condos where you can eyeball all the birds you want!